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A & A Lumber Supply LLC

Cypress Lumber, Douglas Fir, Doors and Building Materials

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We have been serving Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Southern New Jersey for over 35 years!


Cypress has been shown to be unsurpassed in its resistance to moisture and rotting under the extreme conditions needed for Mushroom Farming and ground contact applications without chemical treatment.


Douglas Fir is an upgrade from standard framing lumber - more durable and less effected by moisture.




We have thousands of doors in stock! Residential interior and exterior doors in wood, masonite, metal, & fiberglass. Most of our inventory consist of deeply discounted doors that are discontinued, scratch & nick, and displays. We offer those doors up to 50% off the regular price. Of course, we also offer new doors at competitive prices.


We have a door shop able to match your existing interior doors. Just pop the hinge pins on your old door and drop it off. We will use it as a template to match your new door. Our shop is also able to cut down wood and metal doors, including pre-hungs, to fit special sizes.