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A & A Lumber Supply LLC

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 About Us
A & A Lumber Supply is a 2nd Generation family run business named for brothers Angelo and Alfred Mastrippolito 
The brothers began in the mushroom growing and packing business in 1967 as A & A Mushroom.  Over the years, Alfred noticed that many of the mushroom growers in the area had the same problem; finding a reliable source for the Cypress lumber needed for their operations.  He cultivated relationships with a few Cypress saw mills in the southeastern United States and began supplying lumber to the mushroom farms of Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware.  

In 1978, Fred purchased a former canning plant on Limestone Rd and A & A Mushroom Supply Co. began operations.  The new location had a large warehouse, and since most of our lumber is sold "green" and is stored outdoors, he looked for new products to sell. 

In the 1980's we bought a truckload of metal doors and sold them for "$8 and up".  We found success in door sales and expanded our inventory into the thousands with both new and salvage doors.  Our door shop has become key to helping customers with doors for non-standard sizes and custom doors.  

As our product & services expanded to include Windows and Millwork, we changed our name to A & A Lumber Supply LLC.

We are now owned and operated by Fred's sons; Alfred Jr and Louis Mastrippolito.  Angelo's son John is the Sales Manager.  

Our mission is two part.
First, we help customers solve their immediate problems in the mushroom industry and residential door business.
Second, we make our customers our friends.